Now in Adelaide, South Australia. Interesting citycity. For me, very reminiscent of a provincial English town. It isn’t, but it does have that kind of feel in some respects. I’d done a bit of research and had some ideas about where I wanted to go, what I wanted to see.

The first stop was the State Library of South Australia. In particular, the Mortlock wing. I’d seen pictures of it on flickr and StuckOnEarth, and knew that if I had a chance I wanted to see it and shoot it. I wandered throught he city to the librarary and found the wing. Not Dissapointed!

I have two angles on this. One is the symetrical shot above, the second is below. This is one of those occasions where I’m torn as to which I prefer…..


From the library, I scouted down by the Torrance River, known as the “Mighty Torrent” by the locals – Aussie humour, you understand. I thought I know what I wanted, but there are construction cranes all over the place, and they light up with adverts at night! Not what I was looking for. So I walked back into town and camped out in Victoria Square. This had the distinct advantage of being right in front of my hotel, so easy walk to refreshments.

Victoria Square has a nice fountain, over lit unfortunately, and a nice view with the post office. This is a victorian building and I personally found it quite charming. So my Adelaide city shot was of these two predominate features.

Next stop…..Glenelg!

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