Barcelona, Hildesheim to Budapest….Pt.1.

This is turning into a long trip. In the past week I went from Barcelona, to Hildesheim in Germany, to Vienna and on to Budapest. Flying visits all and I missed getting a shot in Vienna. I will be going back, so next time I’ll have time to get it.

Barcelona was fun to shoot. The marathon was on and that wasImage taken from Elevator! an opportunity, but I was staying in the Barcelona Princess hotel, which is at a very nice location. Riding the elevator up to my room, there is a fantastic view across the city and I knew I had to shoot the blue hour for the cities project from here.

I tried the pool on the 23rd floor, but it faced the wrong way, as did my room on the 19th. I did (briefly) contemplate scaleign onto the roof, but figured there is a better way………

More after the jump…….

Image from Balcony on 23rd FloorI went to reception and begged and pleaded to either be allowed on the roof, or at least into a room with a west facing window. The very kind staff explained that roof access was only possible with prior notice and someone would have to be with me at all times, but a room might be possible. After checking the computer, it turned out that a suite on the 23rd floor with a west faceing balcony was available! I was shown the room and balcony and arranged to pick up a key for an hour.

6.30pm…access granted and spent¬† good amount of time just shooting. it was windy, but I could duck into the room to warm up. Many thanks to the staff and management of the hotel for allowing me to get the shot.


More to Come!!!!

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