Barcelona Marathon

Marathon, Barcelona 2011It so happens, purely by coincidence, that the hotel I’m staying at happens to be on the route of the Barcelona Marathon. I crawled out of bed and stumbled into the lobby for a cafe con leche when on of the desk clerks asked me if I was going to watch the marathon. Being the nimble witted raconteur that I am I replied “what marathon?”. Seems blind luck has put me in the right place close to the right time. The runners come down one street, turn a tight corner and as they do so, are exposed to bright sunlight. I didn’t get my act together to get the Kenyans¬†Ethiopians out in front of everyone else, they seemed to have finished before most runners got going.

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Marathon, Barcelona 2011I tried a couple of different spots and looks, going wide and low….
Long and tight……Marathon, Barcelona 2011
Panning…….Marathon, Barcelona 2011(need more practice)
Marathon, Barcelona 2011

Decisive moment………(Not up to Henri’s standards, but then my name isn’t Henri).
I’m not a sports shooter, but this was fun. Just stoked I had the opportunity to shoot it. Details if the race are published here

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