Basrah, Iraq.

Basrah, Iraq. Not quite what I expected. I stayed at one of the better hotels in the city, surrounded by security forces. An Iraqi collegue offered to take me out and show me some of the sights, of course I jumped at it. We didn’t need to go far, just across the road to the banks of the Shatt al Arab, the famous waterway that downstream of Basrah seperates Irq from Iran.


The hotel is the ex Sheraton, now the Basrah International Hotel. It has a tall concrete wall seperating the grounds from the banks of the river. The graffitti is impressive, better than the old Berlin wall or the Lennon wall in Prague.

 Iraqi boaters

My freind arranged for a boat trip along the river, down to the slowly crumbling palace of Saddam Hussain. We passed colourful casinos, fishermen and people going around thier lives.

Sunset came while out on the river.


All the above were shot with the fuji x10.

More to come…….

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