Bogota, Colombia

I had to go to Bogota on business and needed to try and get a better shot for my cities project. I had almost no free time, so accepted a kind offer to shoot from the El Nogal Club, which might have a good view of the city. Unfortunatly, terrace is on the wrong side and I didn’t get a great shot….

El Nogal has an interesting history, being the subject of a terrorist bombing in 2003. If I had time I would have gone for a shot of the building, providing I didn’t get hasseled by security . Alas, time and tides, etc., so that’s all I got on this trip. Bogota is a difficult city to shoot. It’s tough to find a good vantage that identifies the city with a discrete character. Maybe next time. If anyone has suggestions for a definitive shot that captures the cities identity, please let me know!

More to come…..

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