Halifax, Nova Scotia

Last weekend I was in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and I had to brave cold, damp and windy conditions to try an get a different (ish) angle on the city.

Halifax is dominated by a Victorian military fortification in the center. Unfortunately, it isn’t high enough to really provide a good vantage point of the harbour because of the modern buildings in the way. There is a nice clock that looks down the flanks of the┬áCitadel┬áto the war memorial, but only the bottom part of the structure is lit at night. I guess Halifaxians don’t need to tell the time after dark?

There are some key icons in Halifax, other than the Citadel or the clock. The city has two large bridges connecting it to the town of Dartmouth across the river, and an island in the estuary, St. Georges Island with a lighthouse on it. There is also a naval base and of course, those modern buildings on the harbour front.

Trying to get all of these elements into a single frame is difficult. I eventually shot the lighthouse seperately and spent a couple of hours finding a good spot to get the other elements in a pleasing composition:

Halifax, Nova Scotia

OK, so I got lucky having the warship there, but given the grey cold day and time spent in the cold waiting for the right light, I deserved a bit of luck.

I’m a bit disconcerted with the colour casts from the sodium lights on the bridge. That very strong green cast is very difficult to deal with, but it is real.

I’m happy with the results though.

More to come…….


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