I really don’t have a Thinktank bag problem!

I admit, I’m a fan of ThinkTank products. And contrary to popular belief, I don’t have a ThinkTank fetish. I do seem to have a bit of a collection.

I started out with the old Urban Disguise 60, then added a Speed Freak, followed by a Streetwalker Harddrive. I added a Steroid Speedbelt, along with 4 pouches of various sorts. My latest addition is the Shapeshifter backpack. I also have assorted card wallets, battery and cable bags, an overnight bag and a T-shirt. But I don’t have a problem!

I reviewed the Urban Disguise 60 as my very first blog post. Since then, ThinkTank brought out the version 2, which addressed most of my issues. I can’t justify the cost of upgrading, and my bag has travelled hundreds of thousands of miles and is starting to wear. It still fills a need and is a great bag. The Shapeshifter is my replacement option and I’ll explain why in a future review of the Shapeshifter.

The Speed Freak I use when I need to carry enough gear to shoot events, but don’t need a backpack or want to leave a bag lying around while I shoot.

The Steroid Speedbelt goes with my Streetwalker Harddrive, along with the pouches. I describe how I use this system in this previous review. This is my ultimate travel system when I’m traveling for pleasure instead of business.

Each of these products has a specific use. There is no such thing as a fit all bag and I am lucky enough to have a selection depending on use.

See! I don’t have a problem……

More to come……

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