Magical Taj Mahal


Recently, I had the privilege of visiting India and had the opportunity to get down to the city of Agra for a day. This being my first trip, I was heading for the Taj Mahal, of course. It’s probably on everyone’s bucket list and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity. This would also be the first time I got to put the new camera through it’s paces.

It’s been shot a million times, from all angles. Indeed, my guide took me to all the viewpoints and told me where to stand and where to sit, everything except what iso to use and exposure parameters! This is one of those places it’s very difficult to get a unique shot. Below is a typical angle, from the left hand arch of the mosque.

Taj Mahal

I caught the sunset, with lovely warm light on the western face of the mausoleum. Not a unique view, but I’m happy with it.

I was surprised by the restrictions imposed on visitors. The limitations for phoptographers are no tripods allowed. For some reason, the indian buracrecy equates tripods with commercial photography, which is strictly forbidden, so if your planning on taking a tripod – don’t. Also, no wires (including a wired remote).

I did have a chance to try something a bit different the following day at dawn but thats another post.

More to come………


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