Moscow, Patriarchs Bridge

Moscow is always a fascinating city. I’ve been there a few times and it always has another face to show me. This time I shunned Red Square and St. Basil’s and headed down river to the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour. This impressive orthodox cathedral looks as old as St. Basil’s, but is actually only 10 years old. Wandering around on a chilly April evening, I walked around the building and onto the connecting bridge over the Moscow River, known as the Patriarchs Bridge. This has a wonderful view of the cathedral and it’s easy to choose a spot to see the sunset.

Cathedral of Christ the Saviour

More to come…..

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  1. Aaron Wasson

    Love the picture. What did you use?

  2. Thank you. Shot with a D800e and a 24-70 2.8 AFS on a Gitzo GT1501T.

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