Prague Cubist Cafe

I visited Prague last year and had a great time with my wife shooting the Charles bridge and Astronomical clock. This time I had a chance to dig a little deeper, and go see some stuff off the beaten track. I’d done a little research and knew I wanted to see the Cubist museum at the House of the Black Madonna. Unfortunately, the Cubist Museum has moved to the National museum, so I didn’t get to experience it. Not a problem though as the highlight and intent of the visit was to see the spiral staircase. it’s a strange shape and I wanted to photograph it. Luck was against me. I wanted to shoot down the staircase, but it was chained off and not accessible. I had to settle for shooting up the staircase instead.

Cubist Cafe Spiral Staircase

Allthough I didn’t get the shot from the top, I still like this image. This is certainly an example of doing the research first. I would never have found this without looking online for inspiration. There are a lot of tools out there to help discover places like this. The challenge is to find a new approach. /the shot above has been done before. I do have a different composition than other shots of this staircase, and my psost processing adds to the image to give it a different look and feel. Is that enough?

More to come…..


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