Rescued! and onto Glenelg, South Australia

Next morning, being a Saturday, I started out lazy and reviewed the images from the previous night. I was ticked off because there was a nasty dust fleck in the middle of my sky, plus loads of small motes of dust! I’d cleaned the sensor thoroughly before the trip, using the Copper Hill Method. The sensor and my lenses were spotless, but in a few short days of shooting I was getting eaten alive by the dust bunnies! I usually pack a rocket blower and a sensor brush, but I’d forgotten both this time, Duh!

I really wanted to get the sensor cleaned. I called around Adelaide, but the only store that could do it was fact had just closed. I called Total Photographic Supplies and explained to Toby my predicament. He told me they’d just closed for the afternoon. Then he asked me where I was staying. He said, No Worries, I’ll see you in 15 minutes. He drove over with his cleaning kit, met me in the lobby and proceeded to work his magic. 30 minutes later, I have a lovely clean sensor, and a tip. Swab the lens mount! loads of black residue and particles from the lens cap hide there, just waiting to get blown onto the sensor!

So if you are ever in Adelaide, need gear or help, look up Total Photographic Supplies. They are top notch for service and I can fully recommend them.

So on to Glenelg! This is a small town (more like suburb) of Adelaide on the beach. I went with an old friend and wandered along the beach looking for a nice sunset shot. Of course, I did my usual thing of waiting long past sunset and got an interesting shot of the pier. Technically, there is a lot wrong with the shot, with lens flare and distortion of the light, but I really like this shot. The alternate is below it….

Now this is a different take on it. Someone stood still long enough to register, and the first lamp post is cropped out – so no flare. Completely different feel and message. So which do you prefer? Leave a comment with your preference and tell me why!

More to come……..

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