Rio De Janeiro

Business took me to Rio for a few days. This is a fantastic city, one of the most interesting that I’ve been to in Latin America. Back in the early part of the century, I used to fly here on my way to the oilfields, but never had a chance to stop.

This time I did manage to grab a sliver of time. Staying in a hotel near Copacabana beach, on a weather day, a friend and I decided that clouds would make the Statue of Christ a grey fog. That left Sugarloaf mountain. A short taxi ride later we’re at the base of the hill, and purchase tickets up the 2 cable cars.

From the first stop, you can take a helicopter tour of Rio. Maybe next time. Showers come and go, so after a cappuccino (that is completely different from a regular cappuccino) we continue to the top station. We’re early for my favourite blue hour, so I entertained myself shooting a pano.

After the pano, we just relaxed and enjoyed the view until dusk, when I worked up this shot:


More to come……..

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