Short Trip to Kuala Lumpur

I had to go to Kuala Lumpur last week on business, which was my first time visiting the capital city of Malayasia. I’ve heard a lot about the place, and really wanted to spend a lot of time exploring it, but as so often happens the day job gets in the way. This meant I only had a limited opportunity to get a shot for the cities project. As per the remit of the project, I wanted to try and capture an image of the city that is iconic. This always starts with an idea of an icon of the city. For KL that has to be the twin Petronas towers.

I did some research on trying to find a good angle or view of the towers. I often do this as it helps me to get an idea of what doesn’t work, reducing the time spent looking for a unique viewpoint. As I usually only have limited time to explore, this approach narrows down the possibilities.

I found a really good picture of the towers that looks great. It’s by Trey Ratcliff, and you can see his shot here. I tweeted Trey to find out where he took it from and he divulged that it was taken from the top of the Traders hotel. This was my fall back if I couldn’t get something of my own.

I emailed the link of Treys photo to friends in KL with the request to let me know if they knew of a good viewpoint, and I got put in touch with Rick, who has an apartment with a balcony overlooking the park at the foot of the tower complex. Arrangements were made and I spent a very nice couple of hours with Rick and his family, shooting from his balcony as the sun set over the towers. This is the result:

Petronas Twin Towers

Many thanks to Rick and his family for their gracious hospitality. This will print up beautifully and makes a great addition to the project.

More to come…..

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