Sydney part II – and on to Brisbane.

The second evening in Sydney and I’m going for something different. I grabbed a taxi to get to the north side of the harbour and wandered along the Harbour Trail down by Jefferys Dock. This is on the East side of the Harbour Bridge, with nice views across the Harbour to the City Skyline and the Opera House. While this was OK, I thought I’d walk back under the bridge and take a look from that side as I just didn’t like the composition from the east. As I worked my way towards Luna Park, I finally saw what I was looking for. Tons of stuff going on visually and lots of compositional elements – probably overkill, but I like it.


The next day I was on my way to Brisbane. I’d only have the one evening here, so time was tight. I’d done a bit of research and decided not to shoot the Story Bridge. The main reason? It’s an damn ugly bridge! And not very unique. So I took myself off down the Kangaroo point trail and checked out all sorts of angles. It’s not great, but I did get my Brisbane cityscape. I like the sailing boat to the right, but now I think I should have gone down the other bank and gotten the city with that ugly bridge! Maybe next time.

So, done in Brisbane. I’d liked to have spent more time here as I think it has a lot more to offer, but the day job calls. Next stop is Adelaide. That is going to be a challenge. I haven’t found much of distinction that fits my project there, so I’ll have to take some time on the ground to find something that fits my vision.

More to come…

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