The End of the Journey – The Orient Express Resturant

Taking the Orient Express, the legendary train journey from Paris to Istanbul, you would end the journey at the ─░stanbul Sirkeci station. The station was opened in 1890 and has the Orient Express resturant as part of the station.

Orient Express Restaurant

It’s a little faded, a bit worn and jaded, but has a charm that remembers the glory of the Orient Express. It’s a far cry from a modern expresso emporium like Starbucks, but for a station cafe, I think it holds it’s own. The pace is a little more relaxed, although the waterfall in the hall is a little bit out of place.

Orient Express Resturant

There are pictures on the walls from the stations heyday, and I can’t help but imagine a smokey scene from a late 30’s or 40’s film being shot there. It would fit very well with a smoking steam locomotive outside the hall.

The Orient Express doesn’t travel to Isanbul anymore, it terminates in Venice. Bit of a shame really as I personally don’t regard Venice as in the Orient. Istanbul, sitting at the junction on two continents and access to three, certainly fills the criteria. Unfortunatly, in a modern age of high speed everything, the Cafe is the reminder of a bygone era when life was slower.

More to come….

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