Venetian Carnival Masques – Tragicomica

While roaming around Venice in 2009, we found one of the top Masque manufacturers and shops in the city, Tragicomica. This is a cornucopia of artistry applied to carnival masques. Sometimes its easy to get overwhelmed by choice in subjects to shoot!

Tragicomica, Venice


Nothing like being spoilt for choice! Just walking around this place is amazing. The artistry that is present is remarkable with some unique pieces. Below is a selection that caught my eye….

 Blue Gold Masque


Blue Masque


 Black Red Masque


 Black Gold Masque, Tragicomica, Venice



These are beautiful works of art that I cannot do justice to. I’ve tried to show some of the skill and beauty of these pieces, but no mater what I do, these images are still lacking.

One day I want to go back and try again. I’d love to get into the factory where these are made and shoot the artists making these. One day I will go back to Venice with the love of my life and experience the carnival these were made for, and see them live.

More to come.

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